Theme 2

Theme 2: February to Easter

The focus of this Theme is primarily daily routine and school life. As well as learning the vocabulary to confidently describe their own daily routine and a typical day at school, pupils learn about life in the Mandarin-speaking world and how this differs from the British way of life. Areas studied are:

  • Daily routine
  • Time
  • Breakfast food and drink
  • School subjects
  • School routine
  • Classroom language
  • Opinions about school subjects and teachers
  • School uniform

A great deal of emphasis is also placed on reading skills within this theme and pupils will complete a reading passage describing life in a Chinese-speaking country. As a follow-up task, they are then required to design a poster outlining the main differences between life here and life in China or other countries where Chinese is spoken.

At the end of this Theme, pupils are required to work collaboratively to put together a group presentation in which they compare their lives and daily routines to those of a typical young person in another country. For this presentation, pupils are encouraged to use as much Mandarin as possible. However, English can also be used to express more complex ideas which would require a level of grammar not yet covered.

This Theme concludes with a reading assessment which is completed under exam conditions and marked by the teacher.